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Police Technical - Narcotic Unit Supervisor

Narcotic operations has changed dramatically in the past 10 years:  Laws governing narcotics, criminal process, manufacturing, distribution, even the chemical composition of the drugs themselves have changed.  To remain effective, and in some case to remain in existence at all, Narcotics Units, their mission, their methods, their team members, and their supervision must change also.

In this two day course, a guide for the today’s supervisors and commanders of Narcotics Units/Details is outlined.  Built upon well tested foundations (eg Personnel, Managing UC Ops, and Mission planning), this course also incorporates realistic lessons about societal trends (De-Criminalization and Legalization) and breaks new ground for current investigation techniques and online interdiction (Social Media and Supervising Undercover Investigations in Social Space).

This training is being hosted by and held at the Nampa Idaho Police Department. Click here for additional information and registration.