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Police Technical - Open Source Investigations

Open source investigations utilize free, unsecured websites to search for real world criminal activity.  There is no trickery in open source investigations, it is not a way to get past usernames and passwords; it’s simply a way to obtain what a criminal posts (names, pictures, videos, conversations)  in open, and public forums.  There is no need for search warrants, court orders, or subpoenas.

Internet usages is a mandatory requirement of modern life.  Social media and social service sites have become an extension of daily real-world activities for many people.  And just like law abiding citizens, criminals post proof of their daily activities online.  The separation that people feel between their online and real-life activities is well documented, but this false assumption gives law enforcement an advantage in the investigations and prevention of criminal activities.

Through a structured survey of available resources, law enforcement personnel will view, search and manage multiple open source sites and services in the search of criminals and criminal activities.  Portions of this course are hands-on and will require personnel to have a laptop with unfettered access to the internet (no site blocking software). Anti-virus software is highly recommended.

This course is designed for law enforcement personnel at all levels, with an emphasis on investigations and detective bureaus and their supervisors.  Authorized support staff will be admitted only with prior agency documentation.

This training is being hosted by and held at the Richland Washington Police Department. Click here for additional information and registration.