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Executive Board

The Executive Board of ONEA is made up of law enforcement officers from throughout Oregon representing local, state and federal agencies. The Executive Board is elected into office by the membership and serve for two-year terms. Executive Board members are not paid, but volunteer their time to complete the duties for the position in which they serve.

ONEA Executive Director
Erik Fisher, Oregon State Police - INET
(541) 682-6252 —

Jeff Hering, Tigard Police Dept. Drug Enforcement Administration
(503) 969-8991 —

Vice President Region I
Chris Kenagy, Portland Police Bureau
(503) 793-3762 -

Vice President Region II
Chris Gibson, Oregon HIDTA
(503) 378-5123 —

Vice President Region III
Doni Hamilton, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
(541) 450-4103 —

Vice President Region IV
Dan Conner, Oregon State Police - CODE
(541) 388-6643 —

Pat O'Connor, Drug Enforcement Administration - Retired
(503) 804-6658 —

Kevin Walruff, WSIN LE Coordinator Region 2
(541) 944-7798 -

Legal Representative
Bracken McKey -

ONEA Administrative Assistant
Terra Duncan, (503) 934-2074-

ONEA Technical Support
John Shirron, Clark-Vancouver Drug Task Force

ONEA Webmaster
Larry Lucas, Oregon State Police - Retired

Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association
PO Box 5372
Beaverton, Oregon 97006