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2014 HIDTA/ONEA Regional Drug Facts

Information you need especially when giving public talks. PowerPoint presentation. Click on this link.


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Drug overdose deaths are seen spiking in middle-aged women. In 2010, 40% of overdose deaths were women who took prescription painkillers. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported the greatest increase in drug overdose deaths were in women ages 45 to 54, and in women aged 55 to 64.  

Krokodil: New Street Drug

Called a cheap replacement for heroin, Krokodil is a "new" and dangerous street drug. Known as "the drug that eats junkies," Krokodil's core agent is 8 to 10 times more powerful as morphine. There are an estimated 2 million users in Russia. To date, there have been 3 reported uses of Krokodil in the United States. The drug can cause: reptilian-like skin effects that often cause the skin to fall off, exposing bones; rotting sores; damage to blood vessels; gangrene, etc. Keep on the watch for it.

Bath Salts and Blood Testing

NMS Labs does blood testing. Recently (July 30, 2013) NMS Labs reported that synthetic Bath Salts have been found in 38% of the blood samples it has tested using its Bath Salts and Stimulants Designer Drug Blood test. According to NMS data, the 38% finding is not only significant, but also higher than drugs found in its other blood sample testing. 

Aphasia: Can You Identify It?

Approximately 1 in 276 people have Aphasia, making it difficult for them to communicate with others. Aphasia is a communication disorder, and results from brain damage. Strokes can cause it, as well as head injuries. It is estimated that over 80,000 people acquire Aphasia every year. When communicating with people who have Aphasia remember to keep communication simple, slow your rate of speech, emphasize key words, and use gestures when appropriate. Also, a person who has Aphasia generally needs extra time to respond to questions and to generally communicate.

Schedule IPICD Programs in 2014

To host an IPICD program in 2014, please contact me, as I'm scheduling programs in 2014. There is no cost to host an IPICD program, and  depending upon attendance, your agency can receive up to 5 tuition-free seats.