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New UK Study Confirms Link Between Daily, High Potency Marijuana Use and Psychosis

According to an article posted by SAM - Smart Approaches to Marijuana on March 19, 2019, a  landmark study  published in the prestigious Lancet Psychiatry Journal finds that daily use of high potency marijuana is linked to greater rates of psychosis in Europe. According to the study, an estimated five in ten new cases of psychosis in Amsterdam and three in ten new cases in London are linked with high potency marijuana use.

Remembering 9/11

The tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001 changed America forever. On this day, we honor the 343 lives that were lost as they attempted to save the lives of others. We will never forget the bravery and sacrifice of these heroes.

Police throw birthday party for 8 year old girl - PoliceOne

A Maine Police Department knew just what to do for this little girl when no one showed up to her birthday party. To read the full PoliceOne story, click here.  

An Initial Assessment of Cannabis Production, Distribution, and Consumption in Oregon 2018 - An Insight Report (8-6-18)

Relevant statistics and data surrounding cannabis in Oregon which are reported by various sources are constantly changing and the Oregon-Idaho HIDTA continuously reviews the information that is made available. As part of the program’s continuing review of available, reliable and relevant data surrounding cannabis in Oregon, a noticeable shift in Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) registrant information for grow sites and producers was identified.  Because the new information reflects a fairly significant change from the...
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Oregon Cannabis Insight Report 2018

Oregon has had a state-authorized medical cannabis system since 1998, and, in November 2014, Oregon voters approved the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act (commonly known as Measure 91) to legally commercialize non-medical retail cannabis in the state implemented as of July 2015. As a result, the Oregon-Idaho High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (OR-ID HIDTA) initiated the Oregon Cannabis Insight Report in recognition of the need to continuously examine the effects of cannabis production, distribution, and consumption...
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2018 Training Institute

We would like to personally thank everyone who attending this years 2018 Training Institute.  It wouldn't hae been such a success without our attendees. We are honored to have had some great guest speakers including Dr. Lawrence Blum, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Portland HIDTA Interdiction Task Force, Aaron Edens, Bruce Gentner, and Colin Benson. There were several topics disucssed over the two day conference. It was great to meet and learn from you all. We look forward to next...
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How to end the war on Officers

With police deaths up almost 60% since last year, this video discusses what is in the works for how to end the war on cops. New legislation, more community engagement, and bringing positive news to the forefront are some of the solutions in discussion. To watch the full video, see the link below:

Honoring American Heroes, Past and Present

Law enforcement officers are people like you and me who want to make a difference. Serving the communities that we all share is just a part of what these humble heroes do. Standing up for those who can not stand up for themselves is just in their blood. Despite the dangers, they proudly put on their uniforms and badges every day, for us. National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day has become a day for us to unite as a community and to...
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Though there have been many scares about what can happen to children or teenagers on the internet, adults should be safe as well. There is no limit to the amount of risk adults come in contact with such as sexual predators, criminals who are seeking out your personal information on social networking sites, buying habits, frequently used sites, and many others. Here are some tips to help prevent you from being a target: Do not share things such as email addresses,...
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Enhancing teachers’ response to active threats

When you say the words “first responders” who comes to mind? Police, Fireman, EMT? But what about teachers? It is no longer adequate to place all of the responsibility for our children’s safety in the hands of our teachers during an attack and not take the time to properly train them to accomplish that task. Nor is it acceptable to simply tell them, "Lock your classroom door, turn out the lights, hide in a corner and pray that the attacker doesn’t...
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